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I LOST TRACK.. progress shot

September 4, 2011

Piece 4 for the warehouse  gallery show.. details about the show here..SU


Day 5.. progress..

August 27, 2011

here are process shots of yesterdays progress with me and apex..


ART BASEL..Miami PHOTO updates.. Back home and still alive..

December 7, 2010

WOW…I am glad i’m home…need some decompression time hand is swollen..from painting 8 days straight about 15 hours a day… but overall … the out come was amazing…  THE MTN FAMILY had well represented themselves out there in Miami and my hats off to them.. Congratulations team for pulling a miracle out of the time frame we had.. I actually ended up painting two major walls for Primary Flight… the second wall was about 10ft tall 60ft long.. collaboration with kofie.. i had a blast and just wait until next year…im posting a few pics of the work i have done once the final shots are put together i will post them next .. much thanks to MONTANA COLORS, PRIMARY FLIGHT, 33THIRD, ART BASEL for making this happen.. wait for the video footage of everything as well coming soon..

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