As an artist of modern times, understanding himself and the world through color, defining the meaning of originality Chor Boogie is one of many masters that leads this pioneering craft of spray paint in its diverse art form. Chor Boogie, born Jason Hailey in 1979, was raised in Oceanside California a small city by the sea with in San Diego county. He was handed a paint brush at the mere age of five from his kindergarten grade school teacher, started painting and fell in love with the creative process immediately, telling his teacher “When I grow up I am going to be an artist.” Thus overtime Chor Boogie was exposed to the spray paint medium along with many other trials and tribulations that changed his life and formed this learning lesson we live in. As a self made artist his drive and his passion fueled his study from renaissance artists such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Rembrandt to more modern artists like Klimt, Van Gogh, Dali, combining a street culture of modern day spray paint “mentors” such as Phase2, Vulcan, Coma, Sake, Apex, Pose2, and in turn helped guide his lifestyle into a life it self.
A deep spiritual healing and recovery from addiction nearly a decade ago transformed his life and has had a major impact in his style of color therapy and techniques of creative innovativeness. Chor Boogie moved to San Francisco in 2007 and took the leap to pursue a full time career in art. His visionary works ignites the hearts and minds of the masses world wide. There is no color he does not use. He creates a wide range of forms pioneering his inverted can technique which slows down the pressure of the paint and creates dense, rich tones giving room for more detail on a broad perspective. Chor Boogie’s dynamic range of artistic styles can manifest as soulful, deftly shaded portraits to color therapy, geometric elements adding up to half hidden faces, and a minds eye or two to encourage you to see internally and externally.
The intentions behind my art work are to create timeless dynamic moments of Imagination, Creativity, Originality, Meaning, Style, Self Expression, Audience, Taste, and the Visual Elements of Line, Light, Composition, Form, Space, and Color. This is what defines my work and defines me as an individual, and allows me to still keep an unselfish perspective on “Why do I do this?” Simply because its a talent I’ve been blessed with to give to you.
The artistic differences and politics of this spray paint culture, In my work I bring an understanding of the STREETS are where I come from the STREETS are my urban canvas the STREETS are where I practiced daily. Contemplating the influence of life in the streets is there and always will be, but so is realizing the horizon is much broader and stepping out of my box into new worlds. My mission is to uplift this spray paint element to a more visionary and fine artist perspective while maintaining a balance keeping the respect of choice alive.
My artwork is derived from the colors of my soul. It is a therapeutic flow of colors, shapes, and movements combined in to one. A movement of images that has adapted to space giving it the significance of belonging to its surface, coming together as one and forming images of creation. Expressing realms of colors that give a healing sense and encourages you to wake up.
Through the importance of this movement, my work is just as important as the movement of the body in creating this work, along with styles, colors, and techniques. For example the diversity of the inverted can technique (upside down can technique) that gives life detailing images I paint. To the simple landscape drips that give the conceptual meaning to “color therapy”, as well as metallic effects that illuminates the imagery from with in outward and pulls you into the piece.
So forth my work has evolved to national and international levels. Simply that’s where it needs to be exposing and motivating the world creatively educating those of interest. Yet I am still learning myself for what the future will bring when it comes to my life’s work. I paint from a higher source of purpose and pure genius in this era using biomorphic forms and caricatures through a color spectrum of imagery that gives birth to a mature style. I feel my artwork definitely has an attraction. I also feel its not going to be the answer for everyone. Objectively, I would like for an individual or audience to feel when they experience the aesthetic of my work, to be apart of the piece, to become the piece, to be the piece. This ultimately gives room for your own definition of the piece itself.
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