January 30, 2016

in god we trust

In God We Trust.”

U.S. currency $1-100, 3-D replica of a human skull, resin, 24 carat gold tooth.

"I've been asking,

'What does this piece mean to you?'

Explore the incredible public response to this question on my Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/CHORBOOGIE01) or Instagram (https://instagram.com/chorboogie) pages.

Now, I offer you my personal artist's statement for this new piece, 'In God We Trust.'

This piece is not intended to disrespect God.

This piece is intended to reveal how governments and the powers that be disrespect God.

Where corruption reigns, pimps, priests, and politicians exploit God to oppress, feed greed, bolster political agendas, reinforce class inequality, and fuel wars."

- Chor Boogie (http://www.chorboogie.com)

Editing and conceptual contributions by E. Bast (http://www.baptizeyourmind.org)

Money on the Collective Mind

Money is simply a conduit or medium for energy and intention.

Money is only a means to an end, not an end in and of itself.

If money is the ultimate end, then it will be THE END.

When the primary aim in life is money, the soul has been sold. Such people are dead, whether they are breathing or not.

It's not money that's evil. It's people with polluted minds and hearts that are a menace.

It's not currency that needs to be wiped out. It's the exploitative mindset that needs to change.

The Art of the Sale

In our society, salaries can sometimes influence people's sense of self worth and the monetary price of objects can determine their social value.

It says a lot that school teachers are paid far less than professional athletes. It says a lot that some people will pay over $100,000 for a sense of importance in the form of a designer purse.

It says a lot that the value of an artist's work can depend on the proliferation of a trend rather than the quality of the work itself. it says a lot that the value of an artist's work has the potential to sky rocket after his or her death.

In the end, people have the power to determine the value of services, material goods, art, and even human life.

Kill One, Kill All

The status quo of psychopathic corporations is "profit by any means necessary."

People who poison the planet and poison other people for the sake of profit are ultimately killing themselves, as we are all ultimately connected to the ecosystem and to each other.

The gold tooth on the skull expresses the insatiable greed of people who cling to their wealth even at the expense of life - theirs or others.

Come One, Come All

So how are we going to bring life where there is death?

By changing our minds, changing what's inside of our skulls, and changing our destructive relationship with money into a socially conscious one.

By giving the skull a voice, the collective voice of the people.

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