May 26, 2014

IBOGA: The CURE for ADDICTION… & so much more!


2 months ago a family member relapsed on heroin after over 13 years being clean.

Most of those 13 years were spent completely sober, but then alcohol was reintroduced the past couple years. I could see how the alcohol was wearing him down. He was like a loose canon when drunk. Chaos embodied. I shivered for him.

Then a dark, drunk night came and he returned to the needle.

He confessed to me. I felt a heavy dark cloud over his mind, body, and spirit. 

There was a hungry emptiness in his eyes waiting to be filled. Perpetually punctured. Lost.

I was terrified and filled with sorrow. This was wasting the gift of LIFE.

I began mission of research to help him. I was saddened to learn that heroin addicts have a 10% chance of recovery without relapse. Even the fanciest rehabs costing $30,000 – $100,000 per month had only a 7-10% long-term success rate. At best, people can hope to transfer their addiction to the equally toxic options of synthetic opiates, morphine, methadone, and other pharmaceuticals. Heroin addicts either die or become enslaved by other substances.

The future did not look bright.

Then… I remembered that I had once heard vague details years ago about an obscure African sacred medicine called Iboga that cured addiction, specifically heroin addiction – and without any withdrawal symptoms.

In the 1960’s and 1980’s, scientific research defined why it worked. The medicine resets the brain to the pre-addiction state. The receptor sites that relate to the pleasure centers of the brain and the release of dopamine are essentially baptized, among other complex actions. These receptor sites are freed from their attachment to the drug or opiate! The plant teacher can also invoke visionary journeys and deeper introspection about the root causes of addiction. It is also known to cure addiction to other drugs, alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine. 

Unfortunately, this sacred plant is illegal in the United States due to the prejudice against indigenous visionary/ psychoactive medicines – and also because it is profoundly effective for depression, many illnesses, as well as addiction. It renders many pharmaceuticals useless. 

I also learned that there is a pharmaceutical extract from the iboga plant offered at some detox centers called Ibogaine that has many of the same anti-addictive and introspective actions, however, I sensed in my heart that something from the full plant spirit and the full healing experience would be missing. 

I found a retreat center called the Iboga House in Costa Rica, where Iboga is legal. This place featured the full plant spirit, rather than the pharmaceutical extract. The facilitator, Moughenda, is a 10th generation Bwiti shaman who was raised in a tribal village in the jungles of Gabon, Africa where the medicine grows. This medicine has been in his blood since childhood. He is working to be a bridge between these worlds and currently works with medical doctors in Costa Rica.

The more I learned about Iboga, the more the medicine also called to me for my own healing and awakening. I decided to accompany my loved one for this journey, and I am so glad I did. 

The wonderful, compassionate people at the Iboga House welcomed us into their beautiful retreat center and we felt perfectly cared for. We felt safe and honored throughout our entire experience. 

We loved listening to Moughenda’s daily informal talks about the art of life and his many stories of life growing up in the jungle. We basked in the lineage teachings that come through this plant. He was so easy to speak with. He is a great spiritual warrior, and yet a humble and playful man who kept us laughing day after day. The Bwiti do not promote any dogmatic beliefs, nor do they request submission. This tradition has a “see for yourself” approach that resonated for us.

We were lead on an initial detox journey, which was psychologically, emotionally, and physically exhausting. I have never felt more pure and clean in all my life.

Our second journey was the psycho-spiritual journey. Beyond just physical healing, this second treatment offered illumination, guidance, and peace. We felt so vibrant, wonderful, happy, healthy. The next we both felt reborn.

My loved one’s transformation was MIRACULOUS! I have never seen such a radical positive transformation in so short a time.

He went from dark to light, death to life. The addiction completely left his body just 24 hours. His eyes brightened. His skin cleared. His mind sharpened. His beautiful spirit returned. His genuine joy and love returned. He behaved with a new reverence and respect for other beings and life itself. Insights were received as to the roots of his pain and darkness.

Through both the sacred medicine and the Bwiti lineage teachings, we learned so much about working with our own minds. We are powerful creators beyond our wildest imagination. Every thought manifests in the body as either biochemical poison or medicine. Every thought ultimately manifests in the world as reality. It was a powerful initiation that offered new tools and profound, yet simple methods.

LIFE is a GIFT and IBOGA is a GIFT from the Divine.

We are told that once you are an addict or alcoholic, that you always will be. That is not true. You can be completely free. Yet, this medicine requires participation. Iboga eliminates cravings, offers a clean slate, and shows the way, yet it is then up to the individual to integrate what is offered. Long-term healing also requires positive life changes, a healthy community, and ongoing spiritual practice. 

How can this perfect gift of nature be illegal anywhere? The hubris of humans is incredible. The government is basically saying that God made a mistake! It is my prayer that people will wake up to the beauty of this medicine and honor it. 

Yes, Iboga is BIG medicine. Yes, it can have dire effects if it is misused. It is not recommended for people with certain severe heart conditions or kidney issues. It can even be fatal when mixed with other drugs or administered in the wrong amount.

*This medicine should ONLY be used with an experienced provider of the Bwiti lineage who can speak your language. Do NOT  attempt to self-administer. Do NOT order this medicine online, as the quality can be poor. Some entheogens sold online including iboga have even been found to have been cut with other substances. The medicine should be grown and processed in a traditional way, with the proper prayers and ceremony.

I was so touched by the miracle of my loved one’s healing, that I intend to study with Moughenda to be someday become an Iboga provider (in places where it is legal) and serve others in the same way. People are watching their addicted loved ones die in front of their eyes, and it is simply is not necessary. 

As Moughenda says, Addiction is Slavery. Be free and enjoy the gift of life.

Please mention that you heard about IBOGA through myself or Chor Boogie if you reach out to Moughenda!



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