March 24, 2013

ANOTHER.. experience of a lifetime..I say ..live a little..because you only have one life so enjoy it to the fullest extent beyond all possibilities.. I enjoyed Baton Rouge and went to Mardi Gras and that shit was crazy but fun at the same time.. I did some work for MOPA  Museum of Public Art and Kevin Harris the founder and creator of the public museum is the freshest.. doing something for the community and making waves.. from there went to New Orleans and enjoyed Mardi Gras ..u know the usual wildness ..party party party .. from there i went to Hawaii and painted out there and just had a good time.. with my FAM .. PRIME AND ESTRIA  from 808urban plus my boys from WRITERZBLOK ..came through and made the experience more memorable.. then from there had to visit my AUNT PHYLLIS who just passed away from cancer ..shit is not good .. i understand we are all not perfect and thats ok… she made the best of this life in the time she had …now she is riding the waves of the universe now ..such an amazing woman ..such a beautiful woman … from there went back to Baton Rouge to work on a special movement a movement of love and dedication .. the STREET BREADS MOVEMENT … Josh and Paul.. and fam u are amazing and yes lets keep this momentum up and motivate the world.. stay FRESH.. last but not least .. SONY .. just signed a deal with sony to record my self painting with there new action cam …for there sony store …some new things coming up.. so wait for it.. but interesting..

MODERN HIEROGLYPHICS860299_534612926561096_366541717_o2013-03-24 13.09.23 HDR THE EYES OF HAWAII551985_10200838569075966_1714450902_nnoname-1




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