NEXT STOP LOS ANGELES…..4 the Divided State of America series..

September 18, 2012

“‘I’m delighted Dr. Mulye and I came together in this. His pride for his adopted country encouraged me to create something dramatic, passionate in color and impactful in content. Art is a universal language with not just one opinion or one meaning. I hope my art inspires ppl to think … Act …and Vote”

Next stop is LA for the Divided State of America Tour it will be featured at the Broadway International Film Festival . Divided State Of America comes to Los Angeles beginning next Thursday, September 20 – Sunday, September 23, as part of The Broadway International Film Festival at the historic Los Angeles and Palace Theaters in Downtown LA! Be a part of the experience! See the art up close and personal, catch a new film, mingle with fellow Angelenos, Celebs, and VIPS! Meet the artist, Chor Boogie, in person! Or just belly up to the bar at The Los Angeles Brewing Company right down the street and sample any of their 100 beers while watching large screen videos of the artist in action as he creates this dynamic new exhibit that critics and the public have described as “groundbreaking”, “powerful”, “disturbing”, “provocative”, “impactful”, “inspiring”, and “controversial”!

Here are some pics of the previous showcase.. at the DNC in Charlotte..

 One of the pieces featured in the show.. title… THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE….

 The Flash Mob at the DNC notice the pain at the pump noose around his neck … they tried to emulate some of the pieces…

 Symposium for DSOA .. the Economist was the host..


Dr,Nirmal Mulye  highlights the tension between the broken pieces of an ideologically fractured America..

 Front row during symposium.. listening to the facts ..

 Me and the Doc explaining the pieces from above to Vanessa Baden and Larry Elder  of Elder Gallery…

 Crowd to get into show.. for after party

 Talib and Rosario  showing some love while hes representing at the show with his DJ skills..

 Rosario getting her party on with friends in front of Lady Liberty photo shoots..

 Telemundo plugs for the LA show..

So Feel free to come to the show .. its going to be a blast… also heres a video of the upcoming show..  DSOA VIDEO


all photos courtesy of Jhonny Le



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