1Million Pepsi cans & The Boom

March 20, 2012

Recently i did a collaborative mural with Erni Vales in Dade county in Miami for the Dade County Fair .. I had a blast .. homeboy Aric Weis from adjust gallery had brought me to the table for this project with the dade county fair.. much love and thanks to Nancy and Alexai star and Bryan(Charlie Dont SURF) for being so amazing and treating me well .. from there i created the mural in about 4 to 5 days… and on top of that Pepsi approached with a deal of 1 Million pepsi cans that have my art work on them for promotional use for the fair next year.. so they will be coming out soon.. So when i finished the mural had some spare time and met up with some of my good friends out there ..TREK6 and the FOREMAN aka Lizzie Easton treks wife and manager and she puts it down for the crown when it comes to business.. so she had this bright idea of me and Trek collaborating on this mural that was a boombox about a year ago until some one went right over it .. so we basically brought the Boom Box back and brought the shine back to Wynwood. Read more about the DADE COUNTY FAIR  & EVERLASTING BASS  here..



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