and …THE WINNERS ARE…Limited Edition Spray Can..

February 12, 2012

The 10 winners of the Signed Limited edition Spray Can are  for the 10suggestive paintings..

Bruce Stacey Donaldson – Multiple Personalities
Philip P Waress – A 1300 century Japanse mural , much like a Yakuza tatoo but with cool colors , call it the “Samurai Battle”
Cherish Chouinard – wherever it is you that are headed. visualizing your own future.
Eliot Patterson-Create a piece dedicated to your favorite graffiti or traditional artist/artist who has influenced you the most
Ryan Platt-A picture of you painting a picture of you painting a picture of you painting…
Carrie Kehn– I love your portraits of famous singers etc. I think you should do more portraits of influential people. I’m not sure who exactly, but influential people of charity and/or spirituality. perhaps famous actors and singers that do a lot of charity work like Leo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt and Angelina, etc
Jeff Sasseville-The Boogie Bird in a forest of giant trees..
Trevor Souza-Native americans with headdresses and such…. bright feathers in your style!
Quentin Darrigo– how about a near-death experience, or may be you can paint a sensory experience (like Porcupine Tree did with Voyage 34 for the LSD trip, or something else). You can also make street art cames into a place reserved for Fines Arts, it’ll be a kind of revolution theme.
Brigette Danielle -Virgin Mary piece w/ironic twist or day of the dead representation



the 3 for the Name game… for ..PURGATORY ReDUX-Self Portrait

Camden Noir-the monsters inside are made from the most beautiful things…
Omar Ramirez– Raging bull
OneNine Actual-“God Ate Man”

the 3+1  for the Silver Queens of the Romantic White Tiger

Laurie Mottie- Tamed Beauty
Laurie Lipton-‎”Tiger Tiger Burning Bright” (isn’t that Lucy Lawless??)
Street Art -VEGAS
Monica Marsh-‎”Arrogance and Obediance”


& the 3 For the Bronze Queen for the Romantic Black Panther..

Ryan Nevins-A promise of paisley, black panther goddesses gaze penetrates, while sunflowers bloom in the background of paint stained brains.
Lisa Byrd-Worship
Kayla Menzies– ‎”Anthropic Allegory”

The Team at Modern Hieroglyphics & Future Expressive.. loved the  Titles and Suggestions and Congratulate everyone for participating.. stay shining always..

PS..there will be another contest coming soon..




  1. Great to know from an inspiration of my own…that my suggestion was considered one of the top 10. Much Love. Shining on

  2. Yo, like woah!! Not sure, cause I’m kinda an idiot and I don’t fully understand the outs and ins of this name game, but did I just help name a painting with some of my jibberish? Collectable cans aside, that is fricken fresh. I think you chose the more tasteful of my contributions, but I felt Frida’s Fern Gully fuck off was equally valid, I was also thinking “two eyes one nipple and a big ol hairy black pussy cat”, but that kind of crass commentary wouldnt have done its beauty justice, I’m just always like seein stuff on some Shakesperean rose by some other handle is still somethin that like, smell good or somethin.

  3. I feel disheartened that my suggestions were unworthy … I will not participate in future contests, but will instead be content sitting back in awe and admiration.

  4. Star

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