January 29, 2012

Here are some images that came across my path while on world wide interweb for a reason and just took  my breath away.. I feel these artists are inspirational  of the sort and it just opened my eyes even more on how much this world has such amazing talent .. and im grateful for Art and artists world wide.. one of the major reasons of captivation.. is the fact on how much emotion is carried in these images as well as innovativeness the technical skill the realism and creativity .. the lighting and contrast perspective and dimension.. that just caught my eye/heart..some humorous some very graphic.. some interesting..but over all an inspiration .. dont slain me too bad because i do not have most of the artists names..   but if you know who they are share there info.. ENJOY

PS..i have folders for days on in and out of art work that is amazing .. i think every sunday will be art appreciation day ..just like church..


  1. Nice little collection, looking forward to next Sunday.

  2. who is the angel that is chained painted by,i absolutely love her.

  3. I also love that chained angel – would love to know the artist !

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