Art Basel, Scope Art Fair, Fountain Art Fair, Nicole Miller, Gansevoort Hotel

December 7, 2011

WOW…finally back from this amazing extravaganza in miami ..previously was out there in miami in october to basically have my work up in time so i have enough time to work on our recent project at the Gansevoort Hotel in which the MTN Team collaborated on there famous roof top where the food is expensive and so is the booze.. and every sexy lady there is dressed in a thong and high heels if you catch my drift..but ultimately we painted an underwater theme that related to there fish tank which is the 2nd largest fish tank in the united states.. ..from there I had propositions from Nicole Miller fashionista for about 40 years but really big in the 80s..and she loved my work so much it is hanging in her store on south beach ..with a possible fashion deal in the near future.. then from there met up with my Fountain Homies and painted a wall for them ..and had some work hanging at Scope art fair with white walls gallery ..lastly the finished product at the Kohn Compound and which i landed a commission and basically made all my money back that i spent out there .. hope u enjoy the pics..stay shining..


  1. So proud of you for representing San Diego and making this all work for you!

  2. Dope pics brother! You deserve all of the continual success that I see in your updates. It’s an honor to say that I have worked with you in the past. Keep up the great work Chor!


  3. love the fish

  4. Dope work bro…I will follow your progress. Thanks for the inspiration.

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