UPDATE… Art Basel Miami-&-$12million Palm Avenue Parking Garage

November 13, 2011

  Recent travels have brought me to sunny Florida.. lets say to the likes of Miami and Sarasota.. amazing cities in Florida i must say.. met some amazing people ..and had some great times.. first trip was to Miami basically getting ready for Art Basel Miami.. painting in the Kohn Compound in the Wynwood district ..a mix between rain and sunshine ..you know painting had to be fun… But im sure around Basel the weather will be promising.. then from there headed to Sarasota ..see the weather in Sarasota i can compare to Sunny San Diego Dry  heat but a little Brisk in the winter.. but Miami ..shit ..that heat is very tropical humid and wet.. But Sarasota a small conservative city who basically when they heard Spray artists where coming in to town ..FREAKED out .. Lots a wealth and Lots of old people ..which is cool because they can broke down the history of sarasota… one thing i did notice lots of stand offish people because they had fear all over there face once they seen a big guy with a spray can painting walls… but ultimately at the end of the day the crowd fell in love and nothing but snap shots and photos being taken ..autographs being signed …it truly was an amazing experience.. here are some shots of the Miami mural that is %75 done in which when i go back in Nov will complete the rest.. and also a City Commission on the 4th floor at the Palm avenue parking garage..much thanks denise from the Sarasota Chalk festival for making this happen..



  1. Congrats on such a wonderful piece and using art to change minds. Blessings!

  2. Looks amazing. A great example of how art can work wonders!

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