COLORFORNIA – New Forms in West Coast Street Art

September 19, 2011

Heres a recap of the show…I would like to thank Anja Chavez for putting together an amazing show … Syracuse Universities..The Warehouse Gallery is the freshest Museum  in the state of New York.. FNU Omkar is amazing as well he helped all of us to the T and did an Excellent job… Dave Prince amazing guy to talk to and party with.. Luis Castaneda is the coolest guy and very understanding of the street art scene ..Thanks bro .. TUCKER amazing host amazing Human just plain amazing .. Got lots of love for that dude.. To all of BOOGIES KIDS that we partied with from the school ..2 be continued we will meet again and paint the town red plus you all are fresh.. Last but not least My two brothers in arms my compadres my bros…APEX & JET MARTINEZ…you two guys are my dudes for real even though we have our moments we still pull through and make it happen lots of love there until next time .. any one else im forgetting stay cool always and we will see you again… Peace Syracuse



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