Kitchen Nightmares Fox 6…WestField Horton Plaza Commercial…FTC..FistFam..

May 30, 2011

I don’t know if you watch Kitchen Nightmares ..I know i don’t .. but this was brought to my attention about a piece i did years  ago in Pasadena .. a friend of mine was curating shows and throwing events there.. well there was an event he was throwing at Kingston Cafe and wanted me to paint Live.. so i ended up painting the back patio of this cafe.. So on my Recent Journeys A friend  brought this to my attention while they where watching the show ..taking double takes saying to them selves they know that work … they sent me the links and of course there it is .. this piece brought back some memories .. wish i would have got some credit though .. no worries.  heres a link if you want to peep the show.. KINGSTON CAFE ..

Another thing that was brought to my attention that i did not see.. and trying to get the commercial footage .. was Apparently Westfield Horton Plaza made a commercial about me and the wall I painted for them .. which was interesting to hear since i did not see this at all .. I think it aired nationally … but heres some footage from the film maker that they used.. COMMERCIAL

Also some other cameo shots of my work by the FTC Fam on Hypebeast that was brought to my attention as well …same Fist Fam a local SF Hip Hop Group.. …enjoy.. FIST & HYPE





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  1. Art with weight lives a life of it’s own and is a part of the fabric of inspiration for all. The impact you have is larger than you know or can know. Appreciation and thanks.

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