BloggerLOVE ..50 NEW paintings

February 15, 2011

Much love and respect to some local blogs giving some shine to my work… feel free to check out there links… SLOWPOKE &  GONETOMORROWSF they are hella shining… they are giving you a preview of my styles in which i have to create 50 paintings of this year.. at least..yes thats right have to build up the body of work.. some wild things are brewing up.. they will all encompass this significant style in all relation with hints of boogiebirds.and the image present is from where it all started…I have nothing to hide your gonna see it anyway..one way or the other..Time to Work .. stay shining.. 




  1. Hey baby boy, its your favorite aunt in the whole wide world. Love your work. I finally get to see the greatest at his best. I’m not able to get on the computer at home so when I work and take my client to the library I get to get on face book. I have missed alot. But in the 30 min. they give me I have seen it all. Good luck on the movie. I want to be a part of it. So again keep doing what your doing I am so proud of you. Love me

  2. nice one mang..

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