February 5, 2011

To all you Boogie bird Fans out there .. like i Said im doing this once a month.. this time its only 5 miniature Boogie Birds up for grabs.. each at $100 value..  OK .. Here’s the Deal… First  you have to  Post a Picture of  what type of ART or Artist interests you and IT cant be yourself..NO LINKS  JUST A PLAIN PHOTO OF WHO YOU REALLY LOVE AS AN ARTIST.. also leave a brief description of WHAT ART REALLY MEANS TO YOU?..remember it does not have to be visual art it can be related to many different types of genres .. GOOD LUCK .. and have fun.. Stay Shining..



another thing if you Won a Boogie Bird in the first contest feel free to post but you will not win a Boogie Bird.. Lets share the Boogie Bird Love..



  1. Hi Chor,
    First of all love your art very much !

    My favourite painters are so many, from Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt, Salvador Dali, Hieronumus Bosch Michelangelo, Picasso to you I guess, OKAY my favourite painter maybe Picasso ! Your paintings have some Picasso …Love it Chor !

  2. Wad Up Chor….ooohhh I like this contest.

    Well, I would say Alex Grey has been a current influence of art in my life – he is enter woven within my friends and community. However, I am having a hard time trying to figure how to copy a photo into this blog. I love the “Kissing” photo right now – just feeling that human and universal soulful connection that words can not express. Light & electric!

    Bob Ross – kinda silly; but was the 1st influence in my life as a child; it made me want to pick up a paint brush…I guess I was part of that generation of “Happy little Trees”.

    Much Love Chor!

  3. Yumiko Kayukawa… I saw her paintings at a show at The Shooting Gallery in SF. Her paintings are a great mix of POP and Tradition. She has a great way of celebrating strength and beauty in woman, specifically Asian women, as a response to the stereotypes that still dominate popular media. She is so prolific, her work ethic is on point and needs to be since she sells out almost all of her shows.
    I don’t know how to upload images onto this blog, otherwise I would!

  4. Hey Chor!

    I hope I’m not too late – you know me and my obsession with your Boogie Birds. I hope I can get one. I have been inspired by quite a few artist in my life since I grew up with one as a mom. But she had two particular friends, one named Harriet Goode and the other Wanda Steppe. I posted one of Harriets painting on my Facebook page since I don’t know how to post one here per your instructions.


    She uses similar color schemes as you do just in a different media. I have always been inspired by those who are not realists (since that’s all I can do) and can create the things they see in their heads so clearly. Ok well hope you enjoy her piece!

    Amanda B Stuckey
    MAJOR Boogie Bird Fan

  5. OH MY GOSH…I totally forget to tell you what art means to me…well I believe art is an expression of the soul. If you are one who leans towards artistic representation and actually follow through with it (lots don’t) then what you create is a peek inside yourself. This can be kinda scary when you consider artists like Van Gough or Salvador Dali…but if you read about their lives you get the bigger picture and understand why they did what they did.

    For example: Your art displays a calm demeanor, sense of confidence, and a love of things fun because of the bright color use. The Boogie Birds communicate patience and perseverance to me. They calmly sit and watch the situation. (That’s why I need one for my office!)

    Oh so sorry I so disobeyed your no links rule, I’m so sorry – you can delete that if you need to…I should have re-read your rules more carefully.

    Ok sorry to ramble so I’m sure your fan base is like “who the heck is this girl!”

    A 😉

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