January 2, 2011

ORIGINAL MINIATURE BOOGIEBIRD GIVEAWAY.. to the first 10 people  who can post a picture of themselves standing in front of ANY of my pieces of art work whether it be a Painting or a Mural…in the world.. GOOD LUCK.. SUNDAY THROWBACKS .. its the 2nd day into the new year and want to start it off positive so much love to everyone for supporting and loving what i do you all are amazing stay shining.. here is a piece i did some years ago .. called the Colors of my Soul Part 2 ..its the second piece of this series… I actually painted it with spray enamel on a straw mat the ones  you lay on when you go to the beach ..i was into painting on unusual things at one point .. still am if it catches the feeling right.. Personally i wanted to take the focal point and move its position while balancing it with simple shapes and color to keep the eyes and mind moving a bit instead of keeping your focus on one section.. even though the focal point (the image) is something you can relate to out of everything else but at one point in your life shapes and colors used to be a focal point as well preferably when you where young..WHAT DO YOU THINK? 

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  1. How do we post? Here’s a pic:


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