The Source Magazine, SFBG ,UrbanOsmosis ,and Some Blogger Love..

December 31, 2010


Tonight breaking into the NEW YEAR is the URBAN OSMOSIS SHOW..featuring some amazing artists check it out at the new SPACE GALLERY..Check it here first… ENDLESS CANVAS..

Recently ..the The San Francisco Bay Guardian .. just dropped the Berlin Wall story ..  check it here … SFBG

The Source Magazine recently picked up a shot from one of the murals i painted in Miami for Art Basel/ Primary Flight.. catch the interview and link here .. SOURCE & ENTER CHOR BOOGIE

Also Some Blogger Love from .. Writers Bench check out one of there favorite murals in MIAMI here.. WB

and a few more blogs showing some love… RUTHLESSBLOG .COM ,    THE ” F ” WORD , showing some love for me and apex in Miami,   and  WE DEFINITELY NEED GOLD SNEAKERS THOUGH ,Giving love to me and Fairey for the CIRQUE DU SOLIEL Street art project/short film , MUCH LOVE AND THANKS TO ALL FOR THE SHINE


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