December 19, 2010


From your Honest Opinion What Do You Think  About This Piece?

Here is a detailed shot of a canvas piece i did some time  ago called MELANCHOLY 3 .. it actually was a piece that i created beforehand ..then had a show at The Light Gallery in Orange County .. from there i hung the piece with the intention to do an installation mural and tie the two together  at the same time.. basically continuing the canvas piece on to the wall.. my honest feeling about it is how the composition is slightly off but that may have given its character a little push into its not being so perfectness.. but over all the piece came out pretty interesting and was very fun to do conceptually.. YOU BE THE JUDGE.. FEEL FREE TO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK AND FEEL ABOUT THIS PIECE..


  1. It’s me! I’m an artist as well(Fine-Art/backdrop/Murals), but can’t finish anything cause of $$ worries. Work has shut down in the special event industry(where most of my work comes from) due to the rich not wanting to flash their money! I noticed this piece today right after my cell phone died from lack of payment, and I fell into it. The Talented, Lovable, and Beautifully Complex Loser! 🙂 I’m so far from myself that i can only peek through the intricately detailed masterpiece while not feeling any connection to what I’ve created, and it’s saddens me. I love the work man! I’m inspired by it, and I wish I had painted it.!
    Thank You; Yrs. Rickey

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece, Chor. Thanks for sharing. Have a safe and happy holiday. ~Karen

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