FLASHBACKS..The China Olympics

November 24, 2010

Still Amazed by this piece and the story behind it.. very interesting.. Good Times& EARTHQUAKES.. and all.. In relation to the piece i wanted to paint something that resembled the country .so thats why i combined the DRAGON color flows with the image resembling a woman of asian descent .The crazy thing about this is that i had to order spray paint from Hong Kong and that was a hassle just getting it from one place to another.I had about 50 cans of the Spanish Montana Alien Brand and if you do not know what that is  its a low pressurized smaller can of artistic spray paint. the wall it self was about 20ft tall 40ft long and had 7 days to complete it.. and during the process a major earthquake happened and during the earthquake i was still painting and my hosts had to grab me and stop me from painting .LOL.. while looking up and buildings swaying in the wind like cattails on a windy day.. CRAZY.. but all was well.. paint started running low very low and had to use the local paint .. not the greatest paint but if you are a professional you can work with anything and make work.. the only trouble with these cans is that i was working them so hard they could not take it and they would just explode in my hands..which was interesting to me.. but the piece was completed.. From there met MASTER WU.. who wanted to spar with me and show me some of the ways of the master.. and HE DID.. anyways ..had an AWESOME TIME met amazing people and China ..is a fresh place ..LOVE CHINA..


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  1. haha, where are you at?china?which part?

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