November 5, 2010

Much thanks to the Mission Community for collaborating with me on this mural you are amazing .. this piece incapsulates the different dynamics of the spray paint medium incorporating the communities involvement .something i have been doing on e few projects lately ..basically giving the average person a chance to get a feel and understand the medium and to show them how difficult it really is.No matter what everyone who participated in this project had FUN and really enjoyed them selves ..much thanks to you all you did an amazing job.. i also would like to thank Derek Chamberlain who was a real trooper from the start of the project religiously there everyday taking photos and helping me out … his credits are due to his amazing photo skills here.


One comment

  1. i walk by this mural on the way to work and i am totally, crazily, lustfully in love with it. it soothes me and blows my mind all at once–the colors are working their magic on my brain. thank you so much for gracing our streets with the finest of art–i feel like a queen getting to walk right up to it and examine it as close up as i want, without any security guards telling me to back away.

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