August 27, 2010

MY YOUNG QUEENS  @ SEX AND DESIGN .. VERONICA AND NIKI STAR.. are amazing Check them out here SEX&DESIGN..They recently interviewed me and we had a blast talking about all sorts of things like the basis of how sex is related to art ..Basically an artform with in it self .. and how it relates to my art work as well..


Sprawled out like Jesus on the neatly manicured lawn of someone’s suburban dream home he lay, pushed from a moving car, abandoned and left for dead. He’d been high for three days smoking meth in a dirty motel room in an even dirtier part of San Diego. First the pipe, then the needle. After that anything goes. More crank? Sure, if ya got it. Wanna try heroin? Fuck it, why not? “I died that night” he says. “All I saw was black.”

Artist Chor Boogie has been to hell and back – a fact he offers up almost proudly – a modern-day fairy tale of the street variety.  Drug overdoses, stints in jail, a shooting, a stabbing and you can see why he respects the journey.  Now 10 years sober and on track to become one of the preeminent urban artists of our time, Chor Boogie is an open book. He’s agreed to meet my partner and I for lunch and paces back and forth across the living room, only pausing for the occasional munch on chips and salsa. We talk for nearly three hours and I immediately regret not having a camera – the man has sex appeal.

He’s a guy’s guy in all sense of the phrase – worked out enough that you wouldn’t wanna mess with him, shaved Vin Diesel-like head, gray tee, new jeans and red sneakers – casual but in such a way that you know he’s thought about it. He’s gentle, well-spoken and, despite the intensity of our conversation, flashes his boyish smile often. I imagine women must love taking care of him. More salsa, hon?



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